Dried Up, Drowned Out

We're all connected by climate change.

This film shows different people making the connection.

Climate change is changing seasons in many poor countries to devastating effect, such as ruining harvests for people like Emmanuel, featured in this film. There are more floods, more droughts, and less reliable rain, and for many poor communities that means less to eat and more uncertainty.

And it’s uniting Christians across the world as we take action and pray to tackle the problem. This film includes Christian climate scientist, John Houghton, and theologian and writer Elaine Storkey, thinking about how to be followers of Jesus when the climate is changing. 

We hope this films inspire you to do what you can in your own home – and the world beyond it – to find more sustainable ways to live. Join us at Renew our World for more.

‘Do justice, walk humbly and walk humbly with your God’ Micah 6:8





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