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RoW church leaders conference

Our desire for organizing this conference is to see that church leaders understand the importance of relationships restored with God, with each other and balance with creation restored. To see Christians united across Nigeria in action as part of a movement for change that gets to the heart of the problem of poverty and shifts the balance of power, so that the poorest and most vulnerable people are treated with justice and love.
The event started 9:30 am on Thursday 19th March 2020 with the arrival of participants, registration and breakfast. The session opened officially by 10 am with an opening prayer, welcoming of visitors and introduction.
The session started with after welcome address by the Country Director of Tearfund was Contextual Analysis of Nigeria by Ben Osawe, he gave a good background to the issues that will be discussed subsequently in the meeting. It was followed by a group discussion asking the question what is the situation of your environment?. With three groups formed from the participants, leaders and secretaries were selected, the discussions helped the participants to discuss factors of environmental problems and to envision a new environment.

The next session was taken by Dr Stephen Daniyam discussing the topic of the Church as light in the 21st century. This session focused on the Biblical concept of the Church as Light and the historical narratives impacts made by the church in a contemporary world. Many Church leaders were inspired to holistic development or mission as seen commanded by Jesus.
The Next Session was taken by Prof. Danny McCain discussing the topic: Church as salt in the context of a broken Environment. This session was an eye-opener for many church leaders bringing the deep theological discussion on the environment to bear and laid the 3 principles of Preservation, Conservation and Restoration of the environment and indeed all God’s creation. The session was inspiring and challenging for participants, questions were asked and several discussions on action followed.

This great event has birth a movement of church leaders who are now committed to solving environmental issues. This group has met monthly to discuss group engagements and have trees planted at every meeting. So far, over 200 trees have been planted in till Jan 2021, this is particularly exciting as it promotes actions that are able to proffer immediate and simple solutions to environmental problems.

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Tearfund Australia leads Renew Our World in Australia. We are mobilising, organising and equipping Australian Christians to engage in political and cultural conversations and take prayer, lifestyle and campaign actions. By taking steps to renew our world we can all have enough food and enjoy fresh air, clean water and good health. Our advocacy focuses on rebuilding aid to end hunger, keeping Australia's Paris Promises and holding multinationals to account on plastic pollution.

Joining the campaign in Australia can have lots of expressions, from engaging with inspiring digital content that equips you to pray, make lifestyle changes, or take a simple campaign action - to deep discipleship and offline action where you can campaign, be trained and lead the movement in your own networks. You might also encounter the campaign at fabulous events such as The Justice Conference Australia or Tearfund Australia's Just Women events.

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