Year of Prayer

Will you join us in a year of prayer about poverty and climate change?

We are now in a climate emergency. More people are going hungry, extreme weather events are more severe and communities are being displaced. People are being pushed back into poverty and the damage to creation is accelerating.

To rise to the challenge, we must underpin it in prayer.

Prayer that will amplify prophetic voices and transform us and the actions that we take. Prayer that will help us to understand God’s care for those who are most affected by the climate crisis, acknowledge our role in causing it and start anew. Prayer that will act as a deep source of energy for the struggle ahead.

Alongside our friends at CAFOD, Tearfund, Christian Aid, and people all over the world, we will fill every day with prayer for a world where everyone can flourish and creation can breathe easy again.

We will praying right up to COP 26 which will take place in November 2021. To join this global prayer chain pick a slot and fill in your details.

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You can see where people have signed up to pray on the map below. To find out more about the Prayer Chain, visit the Christian Aid website.

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